St Martin's College Swatar, 12.05.09

St Martin's College

Italian Week
Commemorating Galileo's use of the telescope 400 years ago.

Viewing of  IYA film "Eyes on the Skies"
Talk by Mr Leonard Ellul Mercer

This morning I was present at St. Martin's College. There were two sessions (2 classes) in which I showed the "Eyes on the Skies" documentary to the first class and then I answered a number of queries which some of the students asked after the documentary presentation. In the second session I gave an illustrated talk about
the Big Bang and the formation of solar systems. And after I showed one of my audio-visual presentations which included some of my best images taken during the last 12 months.
The students of the second session were mostly fourteen year olds and were very attentive throughout.
The even asked very interesting questions at the end of the presentation.
The physics teacher was very appreciative to the IYA committee.
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