Guze Damato Secondary School
Friday 6th March 7.30pm

Talk/Presentation/Observation session
Guze Damato Boys Secondary School at YTC bungalow Buskett
"Saturn: Lord of the rings" Alexei Pace
"Astrophotography" Leonard Ellul Mercer
Observation session had to be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Dear Mr.Ellul. Mercer,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your session on Friday. I very much enjoyed having the opportunity to meet you in person. I really appreciated your presence despite the bad weather.
It was quite evident that both teachers and students alike enjoyed the session. I really enjoyed myself as well. I never realised that one could take such wonderful pictures from Malta. Hats off to you for your excellent work.
I learned new things as well. For instance I never new that everything inside a galaxy, rotates around a black hole and that a nebula can in itself be a nursery of thousands or maybe millions of stars. However, the fact that struck us all, was the picture you took of  the "Madonna and Child Nebula". That cloud of gas and dust truly resembles Mary holding baby Jesus in her hands.
I would like to thank as well, Alexei and Sammy for their contribution. Alexei's talk on Saturn was very interesting, I really enjoyed the part where Alexei explained Saturn's actual position at the moment. I will surely use the power point that he provided in my future lessons.
Thanks again for your generous help, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Sincerely

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