Antoinette CAMILLERI


It’s a pity, because the sky is there everybody takes it for granted. My ambition is to make people aware of the wonders that the sky has to offer. At the age of three, I used to wake up during the night and gaze at the moon whilst wondering what causes its ever changing phases. Later on I used to spend hours on the roof, till early morning, looking at the starry sky, which at that time was free from light pollution. An event which really hooked me on to astronomy was in 1969 when men first landed on the moon.
Apart from astronomy, my other interests are drama and dancing and at present I am employed in a medical clinic. For the past ten years I have also been presenting radio programmes of which the last four years were dedicated entirely to astronomy as my wish has always been to bring astronomy close to the public in general. My satisfaction is the positive feedback received about the programme from foreign countries as it is also streamed on the Internet.
My dream is to participate in the setting up of an observatory in Malta which at the moment is lacking.

Taking a video of partial solar eclipse, 3rd October 2005. Floriana, Malta
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