Puzzle - The Moon for all makind

“The Moon is Broken”


MOON FOR ALL MANKIND  and also for kid

The challenge … How long does it take to assemble?

How to move the pieces:  click-and-drop”

To move with precision: Once the piece is selected press "Ctrl." And

move with the "Key Arrow

Time of each attempt: (assembles the puzzle and save it under another name)






























































The game does not end!


Answered correctly


How many pieces make up the puzzle?

1.      answer:

How many days is our satellite orbit?

2.      answer:

Which country was the first to have an unmanned spacecraft land on the moon?        

3.      answer:

What is the name of the mission was able to put astronauts on the moon?

4.      answer:

How is called the phenomenon that occurs when the moon covers the sun's light from the earth?

5.      answer:

How much should air on the surface of the moon?

6.      answer:

Why is some times not avaible  the moon to see?

7.      answer:

How many faces of the moon do we see?

8.      answer:

At what point cardinal rises the moon and what is hidden?

9.      answer:

How do we call the moon in each of the four stages?

10. answer:


If you manage to locate the parts correctly, congratulations you are a puzzle expert.

If you manage to correctly answer all ten questions, congratulations you are an expert knowledge of the moon.


This educational games for young fans to help them integrate the International Year of Astronomy 2009, to investigate and explore the moon, as well as practice using the tools and basically feel proud to be able to complete a challenge.



A Paraguay contribution, to distribute each among young people, and those who can translate to another language for this to be an international game.




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